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San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle accident law is a very specialized area of expertise, and the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group has an excellent reputation in this realm.  We have obtained settlements exceeding a million dollars in these types of cases, and we are equipped to deal with the many variables involved in these matters.

motocycle-accidents-sanfranIf you’ve been injured while riding a motorcycle, you may be facing extreme physical pain, emotional distress, and financial hardship. It has been our experience that most motorcycle accidents are caused by the other party, but insurance companies are quick to blame the victim. There is a common bias towards motorcyclists, and we know from our experience that this group is often discriminated against when they are involved in an accident.

On many occasions, even when the initial police report determined that the motorcyclist was at fault, we were able to prove that the motorcyclist was not the main cause of the accident and obtain compensation for our client.

Our legal staff will thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident and determine if the other driver is liable. There are many reasons for these accidents, including driver negligence in the form of reckless driving, speeding, moving violations, careless driving/ inattention, driver fatigue and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. Dangerous roadways or unsafe conditions on public property are also common causes of accidents. Defective products such as tires, chains, brakes and helmets are other culprits responsible for causing motorcycle accidents. Some accidents are caused by a complex combination of these variables and require the expertise of a seasoned professional to analyze each unique scenario. We utilize the most current and innovative technology to give you the edge over the opposition.

After an accident, many clients cannot work and consequently lose their health insurance and other employment-related benefits. We work relentlessly to recover the maximum possible compensation for our clients’ medical expenses, long-term disabilities and lost wages. The Anna Dubrovsky Law Group will facilitate relationships between the victim and various health care experts.  Their proper assessment of the nature and extent of victims’ injuries is vital to building a solid case and ensuring a successful outcome.  We will investigate your case thoroughly and draw from our vast experience and resources to bring your case to the best possible resolution.

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? If so, contact the experienced San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys at the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc. for aggressive legal advocacy and effective help pursuing justice and compensation.

To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today by calling (415) 746-1477 or (800) 440-6313 or by emailing us using the contact form on this page.

When you trust our San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers to represent you, you can be confident that you will receive:

  • A clear explanation of your rights and best options for proceeding
  • Honest answers about your case
  • Personalized legal services
  • Aggressive legal advocacy and the highest quality representation.

While our San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers will compassionately guide you through the complexities of the legal process, they will also vigorously defend your rights and interests against insurance companies, defense attorneys and others. Our goal is to maximize your financial recovery and bring your case to a successful resolution so that you can focus on your future.

From our offices in San Francisco, our lawyers provide superior representation to injured people throughout the Bay Area. We also speak Russian and have helped many people in the Bay Area’s Russian community.


Motorcycle Accidents and Pure Comparative Negligence

When motorcycle accidents occur in California and multiple vehicles are involved, a system of pure comparative negligence is used to determine the available damages to the injured parties. This system essentially determines the relative liability of each involved motorist to evaluate his or her obligations for compensating victims.

At the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc., our San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help you understand your rights and clearly explain your options for financial recovery. While we can help you determine when (and how much) other parties were negligent in causing a motorcycle accident, we will also fight vigorously on your behalf to help you secure the full amount of compensation you deserve.

How Pure Comparative Negligence Works

Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in San Francisco are skilled at maximizing victims’ financial recovery in California’s pure comparative negligence system.

Pure comparative negligence comes into play when two or more motorists are involved in a traffic collision. Under this system, liability or fault for causing an accident can be divided between the responsible parties, and the percentage of fault each party has will directly translate into the percentage of compensation that party is responsible for paying.

For instance, let’s say a three-vehicle collision involves a rider and two other drivers. If the determination is that each of the other drivers is equally responsible for the motorcycle accident (and the rider has zero fault), then each of the other drivers will have been 50 percent at fault, and each will be responsible for covering half of the damages paid to the rider.

Damages from Pure Comparative Negligence: Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Survivors

Pure comparative negligence essentially determines who will pay for the damages caused by motorcycle accidents (based on their level of fault in causing the accident). Regardless, however, of who is responsible for paying these damages, here’s what this compensation typically includes:

  • Economic damages or compensatory damages, which are intended to compensate injured people for the costs of their medical bills and future treatment needs, property damage, lost income, etc.
  • Non-economic damages, which cover injured people’s pain and suffering, as well as their loss of consortium (or their “loss of enjoyment of life” due to their accident-related injuries).

In some cases, punitive damages may also be available to those injured in motorcycle accidents. Punitive damages are intended to punish a negligent party for malicious or particularly egregious behavior.


 Motorists Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Although motorcycle riders have the same rights and privileges as any other motorist on the roadway, they are not always given sufficient attention or consideration from other motorists. In fact, in many cases, the actions of other motorists can create risks for riders, potentially leading to motorcycle accidents.

At the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc., our San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers have extensive experience representing injured riders and holding other motorists accountable for hurting them. We are skilled at investigating motorcycle accident claims, determining when other motorists are at fault and pursuing all available remedies for our clients.

How Other Drivers Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

When other motorists cause motorcycle accidents, you can count on our motorcycle accident lawyers to help you hold these drivers accountable.

Other motorists on the road can contribute to motorcycle accidents in various ways, including by (but not limited to):

  • Failing to obey traffic laws – When other drivers fail to stop at red lights, speed or otherwise fail to comply with traffic laws, they put riders at risk, and the likelihood of a motorcycle accident increases substantially.
  • Failing to grant riders the right-of-way – In some cases, other drivers will cut off riders or fail to grant them their right-of-way. While this can be due to driver inexperience, it may also stem from distraction or an intentional defiance of the law. This is another common way that other motorists can cause motorcycle collisions.
  • Driving while impaired – When other motorists are drunk and/or under the influence of drugs, their judgement, perception and reaction times all become impaired. This also increases the risk that a motorcycle accident will occur. In fact, regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have found that, when drivers have BACs of 0.08, the risk of an accident increases by about 8 times.
  • Driving while distracted or exhausted – Distracted driving (and driving while fatigued) can create similar impairments as drunk driving. As a result, both of these driver behaviors can lead to the same risks of collisions as impaired driving.
  • Recklessly driving – In some cases, other motorists will simply drive aggressively or recklessly. For instance, reckless drivers will probably tailgate others, cut them off, speed, etc. Such reckless behaviors can also lead to motorcycle accidents.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Other Motorists

When other motorists are primarily responsible for causing motorcycle accidents, injured riders may have a few options for financial recovery, including:

  • Filing claims with other motorists’ insurers
  • Suing other motorists
  • Filing claims with their own insurers (As long as riders have uninsured/underinsured coverage, they can file claims with their own insurance providers when other motorists have fled the scene of the accident or do not have any/sufficient insurance coverage).


Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Accidents

At the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc., our trusted San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to aggressively defending the rights of people who have been hurt in motorcycle collisions. Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about motorcycle accident cases.

While these answers can provide you with some insight regarding your rights and options for moving forward, you can also get answers specific to your situation by contacting us today.

Helpful Answers about Motorcycle Accident Cases

Q – I’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident. Am I entitled to compensation?

Our San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys answer some common questions about motorcycle accidents and options for financial recovery. Contact us for more answers and experienced help.

A – Maybe. The details of your accident will impact your potential entitlements to compensation. Specifically, whether you are eligible for compensation will depend on whether any other party’s negligence caused or contributed to the motorcycle accident.

Q – Who can be held liable for causing motorcycle accidents?

A – Any party whose negligence, carelessness or recklessness contributed to the accident. In general, this can include (but is by no means limited to):

  • Other motorists on the road when their reckless behaviors behind the wheel lead to collisions
  • Businesses/corporate entities when their drivers are the ones responsible for causing motorcycle accidents
  • Municipalities when unsafe roadway conditions are a contributing factor in motorcycle accidents
  • Manufacturers when equipment failures or defects lead to motorcycle wrecks.

Given that about 95 percent of traffic collisions are due to some type of human error, however, in many cases, the negligent party – or the party who will be liable – will be another motorist.

Q – I may have been partially to blame for a motorcycle accident. Can I still recover damages?

A – Possibly. Whether you are entitled to compensation in these cases will depend on the level to which you were responsible for the accident. In other words, if another party was more negligent or at fault for the accident, then you will likely still be able to recover damages for your injuries and losses.

Here, it is important to note that:

  • The damages will typically be less than they would be had you not been at fault at all in the collision.
  • These cases can be complicated, so it’s best to consult with an experienced lawyer at the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group to find out more about your rights and options.

Q – What if I didn’t have insurance? Can I still sue the motorist who hit me?

A – Yes. Your lack of insurance coverage will not impact your rights to sue the negligent parties that caused your accident.

Q – How soon after a motorcycle accident should a case be filed?

A – Ideally, as soon as possible. By law, within two years of the date on which the collision occurred. In other words, there is a two-year statute of limitations for motorcycle accident claims. If injured people wait longer than two years to move forward with their claims, their claims will be dismissed, and they’ll lose out on their opportunity to seek compensation for their collision-related injuries and losses.

Q – I’ve been offered a motorcycle accident settlement from an insurer. Should I just accept it to end my claim?

A – Not without first speaking to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. The fact is, after motorcycle accidents, insurance companies are NOT on your side. They are usually just looking out for their own interests. This means that insurers will not typically be forthcoming in issuing settlements for the full amount that injured people deserve.

By speaking to a lawyer, you can find out if the settlement offer you’ve received is adequate. If it is not, a lawyer can help you negotiate with insurers and, when necessary, pursue further action to ensure you receive the FULL amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

Q – How can a lawyer help me after a motorcycle accident?

A – In many ways. An experienced lawyer – like the San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys at the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc. – can help you:

  • Determine when negligence is a factor in a motorcycle collision
  • Craft the strongest possible claim
  • Defend your rights in any setting
  • Obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve.

With an attorney on your side, you can focus on your physical and mental recovery while an experienced legal professional sees to the success of your financial recovery.






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