Head & Brain Injury Accidents

The human brain is the control center for every activity we need to survive and flourish. It is a delicate and complex organ that is susceptible to injury in a variety of ways.

Over 2 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year by being struck by some external force. Acquired brain injuries are another type of head injury. These injuries are different from traumatic brain injury in that they are caused by a condition or illness. If a negligent party causes the illness, the victim may be entitled to compensation. Some examples include exposure to toxic chemicals or oxygen deprivation to the brain as a result of a botched medical procedure.

In either case, if someone else responsible, it is important seek a legal representative who can diligently fight for the maximum compensation.  The medical expenses associated with treating head and brain injuries can be astronomical, as serious injury often requires high levels of long-term care. Those who sustain these injuries often suffer serious consequences, and even seemingly minor concussions can be injuries that can negatively impact a victim throughout his or her lifetime.

When brain trauma occurs, the victim can suffer physically, cognitively and psychologically.  In some cases, effects may be short term, but in others, irreversible damage can devastate the lives of both the victims and their families.

Some examples of physical impairment that can result from brain injuries include difficulty with coordination and balance and decreases in strength and ability to perform tasks that require fine motor skills.  Cognitive defects include trouble with information processing, perception, memory and speech.  The psychology of the victim can also be gravely affected, and they often experience marked personality and mood changes.

San Francisco Head & Brain Injury Attorney

After an accident, many clients cannot work and, consequently, end up losing their health insurance and other employment-related benefits. The Anna Dubrovsky Law Group will facilitate relationships between the victim and various health care experts and professionals in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery, neuron-psychology and physical medicine. Their proper assessment of the nature and extent of the client’s injury is vital to building a solid case and bringing that case to a successful outcome. We also make sure that our clients are able to cover their costs for rehabilitation and care and get help with life care planning. We will investigate your case thoroughly and draw from our vast experience and resources to ensure the best outcome possible.

If you have suffered a brain injury, please contact us at (415) 746-1477 or (800) 440-6313. We look forward to aggressively pursuing your case.

Different Types of Brain Injuries

The two most common types of brain trauma are traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury:

  • Occurs from external force impacting the head or neck.
  • Injuries can occur as a result of blows to the head or aggressive twisting of the neck.
  • Examples of these scenarios include falls, recreational accidents, motor vehicle accidentsbicycle accidents, violence/physical attacks, and vigorous shaking.
  • With infants, “shaken baby syndrome” is a type of traumatic brain injury.

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Acquired Brain Injuries:

  • An acquired brain injury is caused by a condition or illness.
  • This type of injury can result from strokes, toxic poisoning or brain tumors.
  • Degenerative diseases and lack of oxygen may also cause this type of brain trauma.

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